Eighteen challenging holes are situated on a 200-acre site nestled along the Green River.

From the forward tees the course is 5,434 yards long. From the back tees it stretches out to over 6,314 yards. The Course is a Par 71 with a slope rating of 120 from the middle tees and 123 from the back tees. Over 20 bunkers, two ponds with fountains, and a waterfall will test your golfing skills on this well maintained facility.

Over the past several years, the golf course has undergone a complete transformation with the reconstruction of nine fairways, 15 greens and 17 tee boxes. The most recent renovation includes new greens on 1st and 10th holes.

The course was originally built in 1948 and purchased by the City of Auburn in 1968. It is operated by the City of Auburn Parks, Arts & Recreation Department. All profits generated at the course go back into improvements for the course.

Hole 1

Straightaway medium length par 4 with trees lining both sides of the fairway. Second shot is slightly uphill to a medium size relatively flat green.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 380
  • White: 368
  • Gold: 348
  • Men’s Handicap: 7
  • Women’s Handicap: 9

Hole 2

Similar straightaway medium length par 4 with trees lining both sides of the fairway. A small water hazard lies left of the fairway as you approach the green. Out of bounds stakes are well behind and to the left of this large fairly flat green.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 393
  • White: 380
  • Gold: 370
  • Men’s Handicap: 5
  • Women’s Handicap: 5

Hole 3

This medium short par 4 also features a tree lined fairway. This green is wider than it appears from the fairway and has two tiers. The upper level is back and left while the lower level is front and right.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 355
  • White: 340
  • Gold: 314
  • Men’s Handicap: 15
  • Women’s Handicap: 15

Hole 4

Long par 3 with a large two tiered and undulating green. Be sure to take plenty of clubs if the pin is back. A difficult 2-putt awaits if you’re on the wrong tier.

  • Par: 3
  • Blue: 217
  • White: 193
  • Gold: 155
  • Men’s Handicap: 9
  • Women’s Handicap: 13

Hole 5

This medium short par 4 is a dogleg right layout. An OB fence lies well left of the fairway and trees line most of the right side. This green is sloped noticeably upward from front to back and has a hidden bunker guarding the left side. Try to stay below the pin. A putt from above the hole can be sneaky fast.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 365
  • White: 355
  • Gold: 342
  • Men’s Handicap: 13
  • Women’s Handicap: 11

Hole 6

Longest par 4 on the course. Trees and an OB fence run the entire left side of this fairway. An OB fence is behind the green as well. The right side is lined with trees and two large fairway bunkers that are reachable for most players from the tee. A large undulating green features a lower tier in the back right portion which is protected by a deep greenside bunker.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 417
  • White: 402
  • Gold: 373
  • Men’s Handicap: 1
  • Women’s Handicap: 1

Hole 7

This medium long par 4 is a slight dogleg left. The left side of the fairway is guarded by a large fir tree while the right side has trees and two large fairway bunkers. This large undulating green is protected by a bunker front left and another on the back right side.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 393
  • White: 388
  • Gold: 369
  • Men’s Handicap: 11
  • Women’s Handicap: 5

Hole 8

Relatively short par 3 with a large undulating two-tiered green. There is a bunker protecting the front right side of this green and a large tree and steep bank on the left.

  • Par: 3
  • Blue: 151
  • White: 135
  • Gold: 111
  • Men’s Handicap: 17
  • Women’s Handicap: 17

Hole 9

Short but troublesome par 5. The fairway is guarded by two bunkers on both the right and left side which are reachable from the tee for most hitters. A large maple tree will also block the big hitters from trying to reach this green in two. Most players will be forced to lay-up on their second shot just short of a pond which protects the green. Your approach will carry over the pond which lines the entire front and left side of this green.

  • Par: 5
  • Blue: 482
  • White: 472
  • Gold: 444
  • Men’s Handicap: 3
  • Women’s Handicap: 3

Hole 10

This par 5 is the longest hole on the course. This slight dogleg left has a wide but tree lined fairway. The green is large and relatively flat sloping slightly from front right to back left.

  • Par: 5
  • Blue: 515
  • White: 508
  • Gold: 487
  • Men’s Handicap: 2
  • Women’s Handicap: 2

Hole 11

Straight, short, uphill par 4. The fairway is guarded by a hazard left and OB right. The green is elevated and slopes slightly from back to front.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 320
  • White: 310
  • Gold: 231
  • Men’s Handicap: 12
  • Women’s Handicap: 14

Hole 12

Straightaway medium length par 5. An OB fence and trees line the entire right side of this fairway and OB awaits long and left of the green as well. The fairway slopes slightly to the left where trees await and fairway bunkers will catch shots short and left of the green. The green is large from front to back and very undulating.

  • Par: 5
  • Blue: 487
  • White: 475
  • Gold: 430
  • Men’s Handicap: 4
  • Women’s Handicap: 4

Hole 13

Short downhill dogleg left par 4. Trees and two fairway bunkers line the left side of this fairway. The green is large and undulating with a humpback shape. Try to stay below the hole or risk a three putt.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 385
  • White: 360
  • Gold: 339
  • Men’s Handicap: 8
  • Women’s Handicap: 8

Hole 14

Medium length par 3 with OB left. There are no flat putts on this tricky green which slopes from right to left.

  • Par: 3
  • Blue: 185
  • White: 151
  • Gold: 137
  • Men’s Handicap: 18
  • Women’s Handicap: 16

Hole 15

The "cliff hole" is a medium length par 4 with a stunning view from the tee. The drop in elevation from the tee to the fairway is over 60 feet on this sharp dogleg right. You may need to club down to avoid hitting your tee shot through the fairway and into one of the two bunkers that sit at the corner of the dogleg. The green is two tiered with a severe drop off to a right side pin placement.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 366
  • White: 342
  • Gold: 273
  • Men’s Handicap: 14
  • Women’s Handicap: 12

Hole 16

Picturesque par 3 with hazards all around this large undulating green. A mesmerizing waterfall is the backdrop, while a bunker guards the right side and still more water front and left. Play for the middle of the green and hope for a par.

  • Par: 3
  • Blue: 175
  • White: 155
  • Gold: 98
  • Men’s Handicap: 10
  • Women’s Handicap: 18

Hole 17

Short, straightaway par 4 with OB right and a large bunker guarding the left side of the fairway. A small pond short and right of the green is reachable from the tee for many players. This green is relatively easy to read with very little slope.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 355
  • White: 335
  • Gold: 297
  • Men’s Handicap: 16
  • Women’s Handicap: 10

Hole 18

Fairly straight par 4 with bunkers guarding both sides of the fairway. A water hazard on the right is reachable from the tee for the bigger hitters. The left side and front of the green are protected by another water hazard. The back of the large undulating green is protected by a bunker.

  • Par: 4
  • Blue: 373
  • White: 365
  • Gold: 316
  • Men’s Handicap: 6
  • Women’s Handicap: 6